What to Do to Find a Legit Broker


Finding a good broker or financial advisor isn’t easy as cake, and there are many stories in which unsuspecting Forex Broker List investors received the short end of the stick because of corrupt and untrustworthy brokers. Check out below to know what to do to find a legit broker.

Cold Contacts


Be wary of any broker or investment advisor who cold contacts you, or that contacts you unsolicited from a company that you have never done business with. The contact could take the form of an email, a letter, or even a phone call.

Don’t get swayed by the invitations to investment seminars that promise free perks and other gift aimed at convincing you to invest blindly.  

Be especially wary of callers who use high pressure sales techniques, or those who refuse to send written information about an investment.



Whether you’re searching for a broker or a Finance Brokerage Weekly TV News financial advisor, you need to be comfortable with the people who will be offering you advice, products, and services. You should ask lots of questions about what the company offers and its experience with clients who have similar needs to your own.

Additionally, find out what relationship you will have with the professional. Under a so-called fiduciary standard, financial professionals must put their clients’ interests above their own when, for example, they’re offering you investment choices.

That is a higher standard level than the so-called suitability standard, which tells us that the professional is required only to make recommendations that are consistent with the client’s best interests.



One of the very first things that you must try when researching the financial professional is a simple search online with the broker and the firm name.

Doing this might bring up news releases or reports of any actions or activities that you ought to know, such as any allegations of wrongdoings or controversies, client conversations on online forums, background information, and other details.

Afterwards, you can try researching regulatory agencies directly. Financial pros and their firms are legally required to be registered with federal and state securities regulators. And that registration information and the details of disciplinary actions taken against the individuals of firms are usually available to the public.

Keep in mind that the agencies sometimes have overlapping enforcement coverage and may offer similar information.  Still it’s worth checking them all because they may have different policies about the details they provide.

Check Statements


You should never just leave your investments on autopilot. You should check your investments carefully, whether you receive them online or in print, can help you recognize and spot wrongdoings early on.

You should ask questions if your investment returns are not what you expected or if there are changes in your portfolio that you don’t expect or that shouldn’t be there.

Do not just nod to complicated assurances that you really don’t understand. If you cannot get straight answers, you must ask to speak to someone higher up.  Do not ever fear that you will look irate or ignorant or be considered as a nuisance.

Withdraw and Complain


If you suspect or if you are sure that there are wrongdoings, do not hesitate to remove your funds from the investment advisor. Afterwards, you can file complaints with the same state, federal, and private regulators whose sites you visited when you checked out the financial professional.