Everything You Need to Know About Following Proper Coin Show Etiquette

Coin shows can be fun, and if you’re a coin enthusiast, then a coin show is the best place to visit. Through these shows, you can visit more than 40 coin dealers in a day. A well-attended coin show is electrifying and has people coming in from all over the country to negotiate the buying and selling of rare and fantastic coins.

The coin show environment is quite exciting and can also be very intimidating for someone who is visiting the event for the first time. Even long-time attendees break etiquette rules by dwelling in behavior that isn’t “dealer friendly.” Follow these guidelines, and you will have an enjoyable experience where dealers and collectors share their knowledge and passion for coins with you. You can find coin show listings on 1st Fidelity Reserve.

See from A Dealer’s Perspective:

Coin show dealers will often bring about the best merchandise to coin shows because they will have an opportunity to interact with other dealers and many customers who may be looking to purchase coins that they want to sell. Since they will offer the best stock they have, they will be nervous about the potential losses they may face. Therefore, as a customer, you must make the dealer feel comfortable that you aren’t out to steal his prized possessions.

The inventory displayed in front of you is the dealer’s livelihood; he will be very protective of it. So, take your time, be patient and have an enjoyable experience.

Shopping with Purses and Bags:

Keep any bags, satchels or purses away from the displays. If you’re standing at a coin show dealers table and looking through boxes and trays of coins, keep your bags at a safe distance from the stock. Leave your hands in view and free when browsing. The dealer has to feel comfortable and not have the impending feeling that you will swipe the coins without him knowing. Also, avoid keeping the bag on the floor between your legs; the “peek and drop” is the most common way of swiping coins. Put yourself in the dealers’ place and see how you would feel about someone’s fishy intentions on the other side of the table.

Cherry Picking Courtesy:

At coin shows, you need to be aware of the coins that you pick up, especially if they are from a box that is marked as fixed price. This is vital because you can return the coin to its rightful place. If you do shop from these boxes, ensure that you look at them one at a time, and keep your preferred choices aside and have the dealer bag them up for you. This way, you won’t get the merchandise mixed up as well.

Pay attention to where you picked the coin from; this is common courtesy to the dealer and saves any inconvenience to the dealer in the future. If you find a “die variety” or an “error coin” in a junk box, don’t embarrass yourself and the dealer by pointing out the error and announcing that the dealer is unorganized and doesn’t know his stock. This is a way of alienating yourself from the dealer who can provide you with substantial information.