Education and Other Training That Is Needed to Be a Tax Accountant

Tax accountants scrutinize account books and keep records while they are following accounting procedures. Most of the time they are looking and sharing ways to reduce costs and grow revenue for their clients. They work on income tax Miami Lakes as well as the entire Florida area and their clients include small businesses, large corporations, and individual tax payers.

Tax returns

Tax accountants are educated like any other accountants, but they have specialized in preparation of tax returns. They review a company or person’s financial records, finish tax returns, figure out what is owed and make certain taxes are paid on time. Tax accountants work mostly with tax returns, audits, company taxes, as well as other forms of tax record keeping. They file for earnings, send documents as well as providing tax statements when requested. In this career field, accountants may work for an organization, as an employee, or can work on their own and take on many clients.


Most tax accountants hold usually a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Most accountants also have the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) credential. The CPA’s need to complete at least 150 credit-hours of coursework that is relevant and then take a 4-part exam in order to be a CPA. Since most bachelors’ programs only include 120 credit hours, some schools offer accountancy programs integrated to lead to both a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. Enrolling in one of these programs will help meet the 150-credit hour requirement for the CPA.

Tax laws

Laws on taxes often go through changes and can be quite complex. Tax accountants make certain that companies and individuals obey tax laws by filing their state and income tax returns. Many tax accountants also give tax planning advice in order to help clients in saving money in taxes. A career in tax accounting is very challenging, but also rewarding. An accountant in taxes requires following a specific education as well as career path. It is important to understand the requirements of this job.

Tax ramifications

Nearly every corporate decision in business leads to some tax ramifications, which are quite complex. Companies that do business internationally experience further complexities. This leads to growing needs for professionals in tax planning and this is where a tax accountant will get most of their clients from.